Services Offered

1. Accounting, Auditing and Taxation

  • Accounting Principles and Concepts and Standards
  • Latest Trends in auditing
  • Risk Management Concepts and Approach
  • Tax calculation and remittances including PAYE, VAT, Tax Avoidance

2. Farm Management

  • Agri - Business
  • Farm Managing and sustainability
  • Agro Forestry
  • Tea Husbandry and Management
  • Small Holder Farm Management
  • Marketing

3. Finance Management

  • Personal Finance; Savings, Investments and Portfolio Analysis
  • Entrepreneurship: starting and managing new business
  • Business Finance and SMEs
  • Business Plans for obtaining Financing by Banks and Agricultural Finance Cooperation

4. Business ICT

  • Mobile phone services and Banking
  • Internet Service and web Banking
  • IPO and Technology
  • E-Markets Local and International
  • Fibre Optical Networking and Splicing
  • Internet Solutions